A Furier

About this object

History of use

Reproduction from a set of paintings called “A Collection of Pictures of Artisans,” which consists of 24 pieces, painted on screens, which are kept in the Kitain (temple) at Kawagoe, in Musashi province. The paintings are attributed to Mitsuoki Tosa, who was appointed “Sakon-Shogen” early in the era of Genroku and made Chief of the Painting Bureau. Tonsured afterward, he was called “Josho” and was conferred the title of “Hogen” (a high ranking priest).

Physical description

Vertically rectangular multicoloured print depicting a furrier's workshop in which two men and three women sit cross-legged or kneel while working. The man in the centre is cutting from a pattern, one woman is threading a needle, another is hand-sewing a cape-like textile, a child is sitting in the lap of another. above them hangs a rack of various articles of clothing - socks, gloves, robes, ties.