About this object

History of use

For storing and pouring liquids.


White painted III-IV ware; Middle Cypriot II-III

Physical description

Yellowish buff, fine-grained, hard-fired clay jug, with a white slip. Light brown, semi-lustrous paint. Pyriform body, flat base, short neck, tall-beaked mouth, handle consisting of two twisted strands, extends from neck to body. Three-pierced lugs for suspension on body, one at point where neck meets body, two at base of mouth. Decoration consists of horizontal bands on neck and handle, and two horizontal lines dividing the body into two zones. In the upper zone are vertical triangular crosshatched areas separated by a double zigzag line. In lower zone, groups of two wavy lines converge at mid-point on bottom of base. Circles with dot in centre found between the wavy lines.