About this object

Cultural context

contemporary art

Physical description

Northwest Coast style sketch on two pieces of brown paper. One part is in the shape of a dogfish head (part b) that was taped to a larger rectangular base with a diagonal side on right and pointed corners at side on left (part a). Skeletal body on either side of head (part a) has a curved spine; six s forms graduating in size for ribs; two dorsal fins, one pointed and the other is curved; pectoral fin has ovoids and u forms; tail fluke opposes pectoral fin; only front portion of body at side on right is shown; wide lined borders at top and base, lines also through bodies. Dogfish head (part b) has straight lines and three parallel curved lines in centre of forehead; bent brows, pointed eyelid lines, round pupils; vertical rectangular nose with large curled nostrils; continuous lip band, upper and lower teeth, tongue protrudes; curved lines on forehead repeated on cheeks.