Bear Figure

About this object


Inuit works 3467/1-8 were collected (as both gifts and puchases) by D.L. Stossel, who worked for Environment Canada in high Arctic weather stations in the 1960s. The base of this piece is inscribed E5-215, the number for Sangooya Panapuk, however the syllabics spell Kuniliusi, so the artist is currently uncertain.

Physical description

Black-grey hard stone carving of a standing polar bear (part a). Polished stone, with inset yellow beads for eyes and a set of carved and detailed inset teeth, made from walrus ivory(?). Each ear is carved out, the tail and claws are incised. Each foot has an ivory(?) peg that fits into a corresponding hole in the oval-shaped stone base (part b). Artist signature on base, in syllabics, with artist number.