Beaded Mat

About this object


Created by children of the Osoyoos Band who attended the Inkameep Day School, on the Nk'Mip Reserve, between 1932 and 1942. Unlike many residential school practices at that time, their teacher, Anthony Walsh, encouraged the students to create imagery that honoured their traditional Okanagan language and culture. Purchased for MOA through an online auction, which noted this collection (2951/1-6) as being "from the estate of Cliff Robinson's sister".

Physical description

Round leather mat with a beaded, frontal image of a fox’s face. The animal has black and white eyes, a black blaze on the forehead narrowing toward snout, and black and yellow ears. Around the perimeter of the leather are alternating sets of orange and black beads. Part of the edge of the leather has been cut into short thick fringe, while the rest is untouched. Visible on the back of the piece are the threads used to attach the beads to the front.