reco reco (Musical Instrument)

About this object

History of use

A Latin-American percussion instrument (apparently adapted from a pre-Columbian instrument). Traditionally, the reco-reco (also called the raspador) is made from a sawtooth notched body of bamboo or wood, and played with a stick rubbed along the notches to produce a ratchet-like sound.

Physical description

Carved wooden instrument with a series of evenly carved ridges, protruding outward and running along the front of the piece. A hole is bored through the bottom for a handle and the bottom portion curves back slightly. Thick decorative lines are carved into the sides of the instrument; “Braea Purtugal” is also carved on one side. The playing stick (part b) is a short piece of bamboo cut into strips on the bottom. The top of the instrument is carved as the head of a man with a beard and mustache, protruding nose, lined cheeks, carved eyes and heavy, wrinkled brows. His mouth has a bored hole at centre that holds a small wooden pipe (part c).