About this object


At the outside front is a translation of the text with the possible author: "Right [underlined] Emir Emod Hussein (Greatest caligrapher) With your hair you have enchained my neck, hereafter no one wil hear me except crying and weekping. Left [underlined] Continuation of a praise of Sheik Haji Mohammad Fahkum ol-Islam. This sheikh is praised in Paradise, he deserves to be sewed by every person in the world, he should succeed the Caliph, he knows all about the Heavens and the Angels. May God bless him forever." Translation dated 17 2 2002 Vancouver.

Physical description

Calligraphy on the insides of two hinged sheets. The left image has lines of text which are outlined in thin black ink following the shape of the words. The lines of text are separated by blue lines. An English language upper case S is on a rectangular black background with flower motifs. The entire text is surrounded by green, then pink, borders. The background is dark blue with a painted design above the pink border. The right image is text with gold painted between the outlined text. Blue, gold, and red triangles are at opposing corners and on the sides. Green and pink borders surround the text with a background of dark blue. There is a translation of the text with the possible author at the outside front. The front and back have writing at the top right and left respectively.