About this object


On the front cover are translations of each writing image, and the possible author: "Emir Emad Husseini (gratest caligrapher) Right [underlined] I am so simple, obedient and peaceful that if you set me on fire I shall not protest. You are so lovely sweet and beautiful that you will rest in my eyes if I will have you". "Left [underlined] If you eat your own poison it is better than borrowing honey from a neighbor. Your own clothes however warn, are better than borrowed fivery". There is a date of 2002 written in pencil on the back (re: translation).

Physical description

Calligraphy on the insides of two hinged sheets. The left image shows text, widely spaced, on a background of light blue-grey with gold patterning. Two triangles appear, one in the upper right corner, and one in a lower left corner that is created by a line that divides the writing a quarter of the way up from the bottom of the image. Floral motifs appear in the triangles, one of which has writing as well. Two of the writing elements extend into the dark orange border. A dark blue border frames the orange one all on a light pink background. Writing appears above the left image. The right image has writing on a light blue-grey background with a gold and floral pattern around it. A strong zigzag border separates the writing from triangles of blue and gold with delicate floral motifs. Again, a dark orange and dark blue frame surrounds the image on a light pink background. There are translations of each writing image with the possible author on the front cover. Writing appears in the upper right corner on the front cover and in the upper left corner on the back cover. Small writing appears in lower left corner on the front cover. Written comment also appears on the front cover. More writing appears on the back cover.