About this object


On the front outside of the sheet is a translation of the two texts, and possibly the authors: "First [underlined] Emir Emad Hosseini (greatest caligrapher) I am leaving although my heart is aching for love of you. I am the prey of the locks of your hair. The nightingale fled from the garden for it did not satisfy him. Second [underlined] Ali Zeza Tabrizi (famous caligrapher) You do all you can for persons as faithful to you as I am. What can you do, besides being so cruel? You said to me the hardship of separation would not be difficult to bear. That seems now to be my fate. What else can you do to torture me." The date 17 2 2002 is written in pencil on both sides.

Physical description

Two hinged sheets with calligraphy. The left inside image is black ink calligraphy surrounded by a thin ink outline that is cloud-like in shape around the words. The background is gold paint which is divided by dark red-brown lines. A light pink border surrounds the gold background, and a dark blue border surrounds the pink one. These are on a large green background. There is writing above the blue border. Thin black lines follow the edges of each border and background. The writing in the right image is outlined in dark red-brown. There is a blue triangle in the upper right corner with red flowers. Writing appears above the blue border. There is a translation of the two texts on the front outside of the sheet which possibly contain the authors of those texts. Writing appears on the front lower left corner and on the back left corner.