About this object


When all nine tiles are arranged together, the central image shows Moses, with long hair and a beard in a green robe, holding a set of tablets with writing on them. Around him, in an arch ending just below his feet, is a line of Hebrew script that translates as: "This is the Torah that Moses set before the people of Israel". Around the arch is an arch of flowers and greenery in multiple colours. Underneath his feet are wheat sheaths and flowers. The border has a green background with a row of multi-coloured fish going around it. Between the border and the centre of the design there are blue triangles in all four corners with flowers in them.

Physical description

One tile from a set of nine square tiles that fit together to make a larger (72 x 72 cm) square design. This tile is from the bottom row, left corner. It contains four multi-coloured fish in the green border, then a blue triangle with a multi-coloured flower inside it, a strand of multi-coloured flowers to the right of the triangle and some vertical grey Hebrew script at the right edge.