About this object


This carving was made in either Cape Dorset or Lake Harbour. The carvings in this donation (3495/1-9) were mostly collected by Kathi McKay, who was a teacher on Baffin Island in the 1970s. She later lived in Yellowknife.

Physical description

Carving of a standing bear, made of Baffin Island white marble. Circular indents in face, imitating eyes, and nose and mouth are incised lines. Triangular ears and rounded tail are carved in relief. Head of bear is narrow, tapering into a rounded body, with wide, cylindrical limbs. Face is looking right and tilted at an angle. The hind legs are widely spaced apart, and the left is slightly bent. Forelegs are held in front of the body, with the right bent inward and the left stretched outward. Incised lines along edges of all paws, imitating claws. Partly illegible inscription on base.