About this object

History of use

Used in hunting and warfare, also carried in ritual dancing. Bow and arrow may metaphorically symbolize the Kewa male, especially the aggressive/war aspects as opposed to reciprocity aspects.

Cultural context

warfare; hunting; ceremonial

Physical description

An arrow shaft, 82 cm. long, made of pitpit (sword grass). The shaft is light brown with black coating. The foreshaft of black palm wood, 41 cm. long, has an incised design. At the point of insertion into the shaft, there is a sleeve of woven split rattan 1 cm. wide. The foreshaft is inserted into a hollow lanceolate bone point 10 cm. long with a sleeve of woven split rattan 1.5 cm. wide at the point of insertion. The point is rubbed with grey clay. The foreshaft is rubbed with grey clay and red ochre.