isikhetho (Skimmer)

About this object

History of use

Beer skimmer. Made for sale.

Physical description

Skimmer made of woven grass with a six-sided bowl consisting of strips of grass woven closely together to form a strainer and a handle that begins at the centre of the bowl as two separate arms, which join one third of the way up the handle, and then the handle tapers towards the end where there is a loop for hanging. From the centre of the bowl, there is a band of undyed grass, followed by a narrower band of green, a wider band of purple, and undyed grass at the edge. The colours are most visible on the underside of the bowl. The handle is faintly green at both ends where the grass is wound around the handle form, and then is woven faint green and purply-brown at the centre, with the loop at the end purply-brown.