yin (Toy)

About this object

History of use

At the time of collection (1980), children often played with this toy. It is a game of chance. At that time, television was just becoming available, and air conditioning had not yet appeared in people’s homes, so children spent a lot of time playing outdoors. Furthermore, homework was not as onerous as it later became. For these reasons, village children enjoyed playing games outdoors and this toy, being inexpensive and readily available, was one of those played. Children, primarily girls, tried to keep it in the air by hitting it with the flat of their hand or the inside edge of their feet. Children in Hong Kong now (2013) rarely play outdoors and, to the extent that they have any free time after doing school work, watch television or amuse themselves with electronic games.


From a small shop in Tsuen Wan

Cultural context

Toys and games.

Physical description

Stack of pink circular slips of paper with four coloured feathers protruding from the centre.