Rainbow Serpent and Mimi Spirits

About this object

Iconographic meaning

Rainbow serpent and mimi spirits

Specific techniques

Documentation says it is painted on heavy duty hand made Arches Rives paper, using natural ochres, using brushes made from twigs and human hair.

Physical description

Large painting on hand-made paper. Undulating across the painting is an image of a serpent, with a thick body that narrows at neck and tail, a rectangular head with mouth open to show long teeth, and hair and beard streaming back. It is covered in a dense pattern of light brown lines with a spine of brown and yellow down the back. A smaller serpent with a protruding forked tongue sits in the crook of the larger snake’s tail. Tall, thin spirit figures in human form surround the serpent, most with arms raised, fingers spread. They too are decorated with patterns of brown lines. Two plants sit at the bottom of the painting, with long vines and round foliage.