Moonight Fishing

About this object


Artist statement for this print: "Patience is the key element to catching fish. This is seen in the patient and cautious manners displayed by the ever-present heron. These herons are known to wait, unmoving, until the time of a precise snatch, which rarely fails on the first attempt. Fishermen will wait until they see birds over the sea before they head out on their fishing trips. The herons are a sign of a plentiful sea. The symbol in the moon represents a traditional sign of good fortune for a fishing trip. Even today, you can see many fishermen on the coasts wearing this symbol."

Physical description

A print depicting two long-necked herons with long legs. The heron on the right is looking up while the other is looking down at the water. Both herons are decorated with various patterns. The water has a swirled pattern in it. There is a small decorated fish at their feet. At the center top, there is a white circular moon with symbol inside that represents good fortune for fishing. The sky in the background has a repeated cloud pattern in various shades of purple, blue, pink, and turquoise. Inscription in pencil below image.