Four Great Whites

About this object


Artist statement for this print: "There is a legend that tells of four great white sharks which guard the four corners of the island. It begins with a tribe which is seeking a new island to live on. They are guided by these four great white sharks to this island, where the tribe makes their new home. These sharks continue to live around this island and through many generations, the sharks provide guidance and protection. In particular, the sharks were known for the ability to protect their territory and the tribe during the times of headhunting and raiding. The turtles hold the peace within the waters and the birds show the location of new land. The symbol in the center of the piece represents a piece of traditional Solomon Islands shell money which the islanders would offer to the sharks during shark-calling ceremonies."

Physical description

A circular print on square paper. Depicts four abstract great white sharks, two at the top and two at the bottom. Between each pair of sharks is a dark blue sea turtle outlined in yellow. In the middle of the print on each side is a black (frigate?) bird and behind each of them in the center of the print is a circle within a square and a fish on either side, outlined in yellow. Inscription in pencil below image.