Indian Canoes in Victoria Harbour

About this object

History of use

Based on stylistic characteristics, Doris Shadbolt (1975) attributes these watercolours to about 1895. The scenes are mainly from the Victoria area, and the Fraser Valley. They predate Emily Carr's trips to coastal Indian villages, but the prevalence of Indian canoes and British Columbia's forests, attest to her early interest in these themes, which she developed fully in her later work.

Cultural context

Canadian art; late 19th century watercolours.

Physical description

Small, rectangular shaped, watercolour study with two Northwest Coast style canoes on left along bush covered shoreline. There are two small tent-like structures on canoes; tree behind canoe has brown branches with orange and yellow leaves. Green and yellow bushes in background. Canoes reflect in water in left foreground. Light purple-blue mountains in background on right; light blue sky and water below. Image mounted on a light brown backing card. Written in pencil on the back is ‘Indian Canoes Victoria Harbour’.