About this object

History of use

Food container used to feed a baby.


Collected by Mr. Cesnola. Part of a collection made in Cyprus in 1873 and presented to the Metropolitan Museum for the 1875 opening.

Physical description

Small buff and brown coloured clay bottle with a basket handle and spout. The bottle is made of fine-grained clay with small white limestone particles scattered throughout and a small amount of fine silver mica. The round body sits on a short pedestal and a flat ring base. The neck is short and stout with a wide mouth and plain rim. The basket handle is attached to the rim. The spout is attached on the upper part of the body and points upwards. The thin designs are brown-black matt paint. The base and neck are solid brown. At the mid-point of body there are five concentric bands diminution in width from bottom to top. There are two bands on upper part of body just below the neck junction and three lines on the spout. The basket handle is striped with brown.