Model Totem Pole

About this object


For years this model was attributed to Charles Edenshaw, but research by Bill Holm and Robin K. Wright has shown this, and many other pieces, to be the work of other Haida artists working around the same time as Edenshaw.

Physical description

Model memorial pole (parts a-d). Double plain rounded cylindrical pole (part a) connected at the upper portion by a rectangular box-like feature that has a bear carving at the centre of the top plank. A removable flat top piece lid (part b) has two removable pegs in the top with one tapering to a point (part c) while the other one is cylindrical (part d). The bear has circular black eyes surrounded by a tapering black oval and a turquoise area outlined by black, turquoise split u within black u form ears, curling red nostrils, an open red mouth showing thirteen upper fangs and a rounded red tongue sticking out, and turquoise forepaws with four black digit claws. The upper and lower part of the box is has a horizontal red band. Nailed together.