Berry Basket

About this object

History of use

According to Sto:lo basket makers this basket is similar to the kind used by young children or during berry picking. When used for berry picking these smaller baskets are spilled into larger baskets that are set on the ground nearby.

Cultural context

basketry; plant technology

Specific techniques

According to Sto:lo basket maker Rosaleen George this basket demonstrates the running stitch and the banneq' technique. Banneq' is the term that she uses to describe how the decorative elements are folded into the coils. This technique is also known as imbrication.

Physical description

Rectangular flared coiled basekt (bifurcated stitches). Elongated watch-spring construction. Fully beaded to just above base in alternating bands of cherry bark, canary grass, fibre, and canary grass. Rope through both long sides, one rope runs the length of the side. One row of beaded cherry bark on bottom.