Model Totem Pole

Physical description

A model totem pole that is multi-coloured and aberrant depicting a face, a bird, and a figure (from bottom to top). The face at the bottom is lime green and has circular black eyes surrounded by a tapering red oval outlined by black with white inside. The nostrils are yellow and the open red mouth is showing twelve white teeth. The bird has black circle in tapering oval eyes with white inside. The face and the body are white with vertical rows of red and black dashes. The red mouth is outlined by black. The side wings are red along the top with four black feathers underneath and three black ones below. The feet are yellow. The figure at thet top has a white face with similar eyes to that of the bird below, black brows, and an open mouth showing four black teeth. The body of the figure at the top has similar patterning as the bird below with black limbs. The figure at the top is wearing a three-ringed red hat rimmed with black. On a circular cross-sectioned tree base.