About this object


The dolls were purchased by the donor’s grandmother, from Mrs. Olive Wanstall. Mrs. Wanstall sold the dolls through a “Save the Children Fund,” sponsored by UNICEF. The dolls were made by children from the Ai Kwang Won orphanage on Koje-do Island, now Geoje Island.

Physical description

Male and female doll attached to a wooden stand. Dolls are made of stuffed white cloth and have painted facial features. Both have black and grey eyes, with white highlights, and thick eyelashes. The female doll has additional pink highlights in her eyes. Both have rosy cheeks and dark brown eyebrows. His eyebrows are thick, hers are curved. Their lips are full and coloured light pink. He has closely cropped hair, with a middle part. Her hair is pulled into a low braid, that hangs down her back, and is secured with a long red tie. The male doll is wearing a light pink jacket, with a matching outer neck facing and a cream inner neck facing. The jacket is tied shut with a large pink ribbon. Overtop he is wearing an open, dark purple vest, with beads along the left side of the opening. He is wearing loose pants, that match his jacket, and black shoes. All of his clothing components are covered in floral embroidery. Done in light pink and dark purple. On his back, the male doll is wearing a bell-shaped, carrying basket for wood. It has braided, plant fibre straps attached to a wooden frame, that rests against his back. The basket, tied to the frame with wire, is woven from white twist ties. His right arm is bent at the elbow and extending outward, palm facing inward. His left arm is wrapped around the shoulders of the female doll. She is wearing a short yellow jacket, with a dark purple outer neck facing and a light pink inner neck facing. The sleeves of her jacket are covered in horizontal bands. Stripes done in white, lavender, pink, teal, red and yellow. The jacket is tied shut with a dark purple ribbon. Underneath, she is wearing a dark purple dress with a wrap skirt. Around her waist, she is wearing a white, gauze-like apron, for holding flowers. Her right arm is holding the bottom corner of the apron, lifting it away from her body. Her left arm is bent at the elbow, with her hand in front of her chest, palm facing inward. Both dolls have their heads turned toward one another, their bodies facing forward. Wooden stand is painted black and has paper labels attached to the base.