About this object


The dolls were purchased by the donor’s grandmother, from Mrs. Olive Wanstall. Mrs. Wanstall sold the dolls through a “Save the Children Fund,” sponsored by UNICEF. The dolls were made by children from the Ai Kwang Won orphanage on Koje-do Island, now Geoje Island.

Physical description

Female doll attached to a wooden stand. Doll is made of stuffed white cloth and has painted facial features. Her eyes are black and grey, with white highlights, and she has thick eyelashes. Light blue eyeshadow painted on her lids, cheeks are rosy. Lips are full and coloured light pink. Her black hair is pulled back into a low bun, secured with a red tie and gold-coloured hair pin. Light brown flower tucked into hair, on right side. Oval-shaped cloth attached to either side of her face, imitating ears. Doll is wearing a long, light pink jacket, with open sides and a matching outer neck facing. The inner neck facing is white. The bottom corners of the jacket, on both sides, flare out sharply. On the front centre of the jacket is a dark purple circle, bordered with a gold-coloured, scalloped ribbon. The jacket is tied shut with a long, darker pink ribbon. Underneath, she is wearing a loose blue dress that ends just above her ankles. All clothing components are covered in floral embroidery. Done in pink and blue. She has rough, open weave pants and an underskirt on beneath her dress, and plain white shoes. Both arms are bent at the elbow and curve in front of her body, at chest level. Her hands have their palms facing down, overtop of one another. Wooden stand is painted black and has paper labels attached to the base.