Wall Calendar

Physical description

A long, vertically rectangular calendar that has a horizontal row of twelve months side-by-side on the lower portion and an image on the upper portion. Calendar is for the year 1992 and written in English. The main part of the calendar has the image of the deities Ganesh, Laxmi, and Saraswati from left to right. All three deities are wearing a jewelled gold headdress and necklaces. From the upper right clockwise, Ganesh is holding a pink lotus, a bowl, an open palm with a flower painted on it, and an axe while his trunk is holding a container. Behind Ganesh, there is a large container with a plant. Ganesh is sitting on a purple cushioned gold seat with his left leg cross-legged while his right leg is forward with the foot resting on a stool where there is a mouse or a rat eating cheese on the right side. He is wearing a garland, a yellow lower garment, and a green scarf. Laxmi's back hands are holding a pink lotus while her front hands show open palms with a painted flower on them. Laxmi is standing on a pink lotus wearing red clothing with gold trim. Saraswati's back hands are holding a pearl necklace and scriptures with her front hands holding a veena (violin). Saraswati is sitting on a white swan wearing white clothing with her left foot resting on a white lotus. In between the image and the months, in red, there reads 'M/S. OM SALES CORPORATION'. There is a metal support folded over the top and bottom edges and a flat braided yellow and a white fibre loop attached at the top back centre.