About this object


Dr. Sydney Friedman and his wife Dr. Constance Friedman were acquainted for many years with Haida artist, Bill Reid, whom they commissioned to make gold and silver jewellery, between the early 1950s and 1974. This brooch, however, was a gift from Reid to Marriane Koerner in 1970. Dr. Constance Friedman received it in 1992 as a bequest from Marianne Koerner.

Physical description

Frog brooch. A small brooch in the shape of a frog with all four legs extended (the left, rear leg extends further than the right). The pin features two large eyes, a wide mouth, and a bony framework outlined on the back. The surface is lightly stippled. The long pin on the reverse of the brooch extends diagonally from the left, front leg to the right, hind leg. Faint inscription inside body “R-70 A/P”.