Kyō Sanjō sunaba Oman

About this object


This modern reproduction by Chōkyōsai Eiri (鳥橋斎栄里) is entitled Kyō Sanjō sunaba Oman (京都三条砂場於万; The Bathhouse Girl Oman of Sanjō-Sunaba in Kyoto) from the series, Sanga no tsu sōka bijin awase (三ケ之津草嫁美人合; Beauty Contest of Street Girls of Three Cities/A Collection of Beautiful Streetwalkers from the Three Capitals/Cities). This print by has a printed version of his signature, 栄里戯画 (Eiri giga).

Physical description

Rectangular, multicoloured print of a woman with her hair pinned up and wearing a black patterned kimono, red patterned obi and a red undergarment. She stands looking over her shoulder. The background is gray with lines of Japanese script in the upper right corner.