Wall Calendar

Physical description

A long, vertically rectangular calendar that has the one horizontal row of twelve months side-by-side on the lower portion and an image on the upper portion. Calendar is for the year in 1993 in English in red. The main part of the calendar has the image of the deity Vitthal with his wife Rukmini on his left side. Both are standing on a small platform each, and are wearing headdesses, gold jewellry, and a garland. A bowl of fruit and incence sits on the floor in front of them. Both have their hands tucked in near the waist line. He is wearing a green upper garment and a yellow lower garment while she is wearing a red garment. Four circles are on each side, totalling eight, with illustrations within consisting of six people around the top, a building on the lower left side, and a lamp on the lower right side. There is a metal support folded over the top and bottom edges.