Pipe Bag

Physical description

Quill and beadwork on a long hide bag. One beadwork panel on each side of the bag with two stripes each containing pink, red, green, and gold-coloured beads between the two panels. The beadwork panel on one side has a red-, pink-, and green- outlined hour glass shape on a white background that has eight pink triangles within, the upper four of which are bordered by black, gold, and red while the lower four of which are bordered by black and green. The other beadwork panel on the other side has three vertical bands of three pink triangles on a white background. The central line of triangles are bordered by gold, green, and black. The side triangles are cut in half vertically and are bordered by black and green. Above the panels, there are two horizontal lines of orange and purple, and mint green and red quillwork. Both side flaps of the bag have two rounded projections creating a v-shape with white beaded edging. Below, there is a long skin fringe tied around the tops with dark blue, mint green, and red quills.