Pipe Bag

Physical description

One beadwork panel on each side of the long skin bag with two stripes each containing red, white, and green beads between the two panels. The panel on one side has a flower with four heart-shaped petals that are red at the centre bordered by light blue and pink with four dark blue leaves bordered by light blue around the left side. Above, there is a black 'P' that has gold within. To the right side, there extends a black plant that has another flower in profile toward the top and the bottom, both of which have two dark blue petals bordered by light blue with a gold centre at the tip. The panel on the other side is a stylized flower that has a light blue centre, four two-toned pink petals with a blue and gold-coloured petal in between and a light blue four-part leaf bordered by green curving around at either side. Both side flaps of the bag have two rounded projections creating a v-shape with white and green beaded edging. Below, there is a long skin fringe.