About this object

History of use

Worn at maize harvest festival.


In historic times, Guarani conquered Chane to obtain gold and silver ornaments and copper tools. Chiriguano, descendants of the Gaurani, have ruled over Chane since that time.

Iconographic meaning

This mask represents the spirit of an old man.

Physical description

Light wood piece with centre hollowed out. All features of face are pronounced: red lower lip protrudes further than black upper lip around perforated mouth slit; yellow lime covers large geometric nose, softened cheekbones and chin; recessed eye sockets have protruding white eyelids around lozenge-shaped eye perforations. Eyebrows are black arcs. One perforated hole on either temple with knotted twine; the hole on the left with length of twisted wire. Knotted tag attached to hole on the right and three stamps on inside of mask.