About this object


The bracelet is one of a pair; each has a dove motif on it, facing in opposite directions. Family history provided by the donor states that this bracelet was made for dlagwa t'aawaa (Martha Edenshaw, 1869-1948), in 1909 as a 25th wedding anniversary gift from her husband, gyaawhlank (Henry Edenshaw, 1868 - 1935). Henry was a cousin of the maker, Charles Edenshaw. Martha was the daughter of Duncan Ginaawaan (d. 1876), an Alaskan Haida carver and bracelet maker and likely a teacher of Charles Edenshaw. Apparently Martha wanted the dove motif because of a china pattern she was fond of. Martha passed her two bracelets on to two of her daughters. This bracelet was passed down to Josephine Edenshaw Nash (1890-1977), then to the donor's mother, Jessie Mary Nash (1913-2011).

Specific techniques

Bracelet is made from hammered gold coins; 22 karat gold.

Physical description

Gold bracelet with an oval design at the front-centre. The decoration shows a dove facing left, on a flowering branch inside an incised oval that reaches to top and bottom edges. Both long edges have a plain, linear border. The bracelet is wider at the oval/centre, tapering toward each squared end where it has a single slotted hook clasp. The inside is plain, but has mottled marks over the surface due to the manufacture technique.