About this object

History of use

These blouses were bought from Mayan-speaking women in the rural town of Aguacatenango. The town is known for red/orange huipiles, however regardless of tradition and governmental intervention in folkloric textiles in Chiapas, these more ‘western’ looking lace blouses are now worn by the women in Aguacatenango.

Physical description

Blouse made of a sheer white fabric. The neck is edged in brown applique, a brown fabric flower, and turquoise lace. Below the bib, the fabric is ruched, creating a tight fit, which becomes looser towards the hem. The front of the body is embroidered with rows of varying-sizes of zigzags, with a larger band that extends around the garment. Both the neck and sleeves are lined with white lace with turquoise ribbon woven through, which has ends for tying. The bottom hem is unfinished.