About this object


Paper label inside says made in Bohemia in 1782.

Physical description

Violin (part a) and bow (part b). Violin has a scroll, four pegs, and an unmarked fingerboard with two strings remaining and attached to the tailpiece, one metal and one catgut. Tailpeice is fixed to the instrument by wire wrapped around a wood peg on the bottom of the body, and no bridge remains. Chinrest is small and made of painted but unvarnished wood, attached by two metal pins that wrap around to the back of the body. Violin is coloured rich red-brown and yellow-brown with a high-shine lacquer. Bow stick and tip are made of a single piece of dark brown wood, with a two-tone metal endscrew. Bow frog is made of ebony with a small inset circle of abalone shell on either side for decoration. (No bow hair remains attached.)