Physical description

Dark brown cross with carved wooden angel attached. The horizontal branches of the cross meet the vertical beam at an acute angle as opposed to the more often seen perpendicular angle. There is a polygonal shape carved into the top end of each branch of the cross. They are painted a faint red. At the intersection of the branches, there is a carved wooden angel. The angel does not have a body, only a child-like face and green pink and silver wings. The angel’s face is painted light brown with pink cheeks and lips. Below the angel, there is a round mirror inset into the cross. It is surrounded by a thin metal frame. There are silver and gold accents in various places on the surface of the cross. Some of the accents are painted and some are small pieces of paper appliqued to the surface. There is a metal eye hook attached to the back of the cross. There is also a piece of tape with a number written on it.