About this object


Donated to UBC Special Collections c. 1985 by Nan Cheney. Transferred to MOA collection in 2011.

Cultural context

tourist art; craft

Specific techniques

Emily Carr made crafts such as this to supplement her income starting around 1924, signing them "Klee Wyck". She dug local clay herself, hand-built the pottery, single-fired the pieces in a home-made kiln in her backyard and then painted them with Northwest Coast style motifs.

Physical description

Small painted square pot with a circular opening at top. All four sides and upper edge are painted with abstract designsmimicking Northwest Coast ovoids and U shapes. Designs are in red, blue, black and white; clay is dark orange-brown. Pot previously broken in half and glued back together. Signed "Klee Wyck" on unpainted base.