About this object


The front cover has a translation of the texts: "Emir Emad Husseini (greatest caligrapher) My love is again going to entrop me. She again wants to put salt on my wound. I fear she won my heart by accident. She now sees it is my hearts so throws it away. I am well known but still no one knows where I am, for I am like a treasure of Darius, like a candle in a lantern which can be seen but is inaccessible. In brief I am like a willow in its garden and always trembling and drooping downwards."

Physical description

Calligraphy on the insides of two hinged sheets. The left image is four lines of text on a light brown background surrounded by brown, red, white, and gold borders. The right image is also four lines on a flower patterned gold background surrounded by red, brown, and light brown borders. Both the left and the right texts are on a background of blue. Above the right text, there is a written symbol. The front and the back covers have writing at the top right and the top left corners, respectively. The front cover has a translation of the texts.