About this object


The front outside cover translation reads the following: "Practices by Emir Emod, / greatest calligrapher." There is also a date of 17 2 2002 Vancouver written in pencil.

Physical description

Calligraphy on the insides of two hinged sheets. The left image has the text surrounded by an ink outline that is cloud-like in appearance and following the shape of the words. Gold paint is in between these outlines. The writing is framed by black, gold, and a thick blue rectangular outline. At the top of the image, there is a design element sitting off-center. Writing is surrounded by detailed lines and floral motifs. The right image is very similar except for the writing. The front outside cover comments on the possible writer. More writing is found in the middle and the bottom left of the front outside. Writing appears on the upper right front cover and the upper left back cover. More writing appears on the back at the center.