Sea Monster

About this object


Ben Dick was commonly known by the name Blackie.

Cultural context

contemporary art

Physical description

Sea monster painted in brown, black, red, and green, outlined in grey. Central face has two eyes, each of which has two eyes within that are black circles in circles surrounded by a green area with a black nose and a red mouth, in turn, outlined by brown and blue surrounded by a green area. The central nose is red and black. The boomer-rang-shaped red mouth has white teeth with three red shapes at the centre. Black brows above have a red split u, and two upside down black u forms on top. Next to these, there is a red circle with a smaller one below off the the side all of which are in a brown shape that has a black split u outlined by a red u form on top and to the side. Below this, there is a red t-shape separating two black, white, and grey forms below it. Below this, there is a black ovoid with three brown u forms above and a sideways black u form, a sideways red u form, and a brown and grey split u along the inner side. Below this, there is a black ovoid that has inside of it a red and black profile head facing inward with a red outward and upward curling tongue. Sideways black and brown u forms are behind this with a two brown split u's above filled in with red. Three black L-shapes curve inward toware the centre where there are two brown forms with a red circle and a red u form below the central face. In black, along the bottom edge, there reads 'SEA MONSTER BEN. DICK'. The painting is on a horizontally rectangular, light yellow paper piece from a spiral book.