Killer Whale

About this object


Ben Dick was commonly known by the name Blackie.

Physical description

Painting of a killer whale in profile and facing to the left side. Black circle in eyes are looking backward and is surrounded by grey. Elongated, upside down, brown u-form above the head. Red nose, black upper teeth, and sideways red u forms behind the mouth. The body has a segmented grey line accented with elongated red u forms. The back has a black line with inward pointing triangles. The belly has black s-shapes. The tail has brown circle in circle eyes looking upward and are surrounded by a connecting green area outlined by brwon with white circles below. The two dorsal fins has a red split u and a green u form outlined by black. The side fin has two green ovoids, a red split u, and a green u form outlined by black. Blue ink signature at the bottom right corner reads 'B. Dick'. The other side reads 'Killer Whale'. The painting is on a horizontally rectangular, light yellow paper piece from a spiral book.