About this object


One of a set originally painted in a spiral drawing book while Mungo Martin was in a Vancouver hospital in 1951.

Iconographic meaning

Represents Pugwis, a fish man.

Physical description

Painting of a figure and a fish in red, yellow, black, and green on white paper stock. Humanoid figure has a whale on his back, a whale head on his hip joint, a bear head in his abdomen, protruding fang-like teeth, and paw-like hands and feet; figure is crouching with arms and hands arranged as if about to jump. A large fish-like figure with its tail curled up beneath its jaw snarls with an open, fanged mouth at the humanoid figure; the majority of the fish's body is cut off by the edge of the paper. Pencil inscription underneath main figure reads 'BAKWÍS man in the water'. Framed and mounted on a large burlap-covered board.