Paradise, Hawaiian Style

About this object


This record is part of a larger collection of objects honouring Maggie Pointe, sister of Shane Pointe and Gina Grant. On February 1, 2003, it was used for a memorial potlatch at Musqueam to honour the life of Maggie Pointe and was then given away, as is the custom, to the UBC Museum of Anthropology. On March 18, 2003 it was featured in the exhibit "To Wash Away the Tears," a collaboration between Shane, Gina, MOA and the students of the Critical Curatorial Studies MA program.

Cultural context

mortuary; music; popular culture

Physical description

A vinyl record (part a) with a cardboard cover (part b), an inner paper record sleeve (part c), and an outer clear plastic sleeve (part d) that fits over the cardboard cover. The record is titled ‘Elvis Paradise, Hawaiian Style’ by Elvis Presley. The record (part a) is black vinyl with a brown label and black lettering. The record cover (part b) shows Elvis from the chest up in a tropical setting on the front and the beach with photos of Hawaii and Elvis with titles of the songs on the back. The inner sleeve (part c) is white paper with images and titles of other Elvis records in black.