lekythos (Jug)

About this object

History of use

For storing and pouring perfumed oil.

Cultural context

Women's toilet object.

Physical description

Lekythos vessel in fine-grained, light orange-buff clay. Black semi-lustrous glaze and red-brown and white thin matt paint. Low, plain ring foot, squat ovoid body narrowing towards top, short, very narrow neck, large trumpet mouth, vertical ribbon handle from neck to upper part of body. Background is black-glazed, mottled to red on mouth, black, vertical uneven strokes on neck, large palmette under handle, half-palmettes on body frame a female head in profile. Thick curly hair rendered in black is partially covered by a head-scarf. White dots on neck, ears, and in hair to indicate pearls. Facial details added in red-brown and black paint. Style is cursive and impressionistic.