About this object

History of use

Record of jewellery design.

Cultural context

contemporary art

Physical description

Small, rectangular piece of heavy paper folded and taped at side on left, contains two oval ink drawings on separate pieces of transparent paper. Drawings: 1) frontal bird has wings and legs extended to sides; eye ovoids are attached to beak/lip band by curved lower extensions; frontal humanoid head a, at centre of body, has large round eyes, upper teeth; u forms on a two feathered tail; ovoid and u forms on wings. 2) frontal whale has eye ovoids connected to an open mouth by curved extensions, triangular teeth; pectoral fins on either side of body have u and circle design; spine and ribs on body; frontal tail flukes have ovoid and u design. Series of small circles above both drawings, curved line passes through fourth circle; black background on both drawings.