The Raven and the Big Halibut Fisherman

About this object


According to the Bill Reid Gallery and Robert Bringhurst's book, "Solitary Raven," the print is called "The Raven and the Big Halibut Fisherman." However this print has been labeled "An Episode in the Haida Raven Myth" and others have been referred to as "The Blind Halibut Fisherman" and the "Master Fisherman." There are black, black and red, and blue versions of the print; all the versions in the MOA collection are coloured differently.

Specific techniques

Relief print from an engraved silver block; printed bichrome and monochrome by Rober R. Reid, c. 1958.

Physical description

Black and light blue version of print, on yellow-beige paper. Depicted are: a left-facing man at the far right of the image; a right-facing raven at the far left of the image; and a vertical central halibut with its head toward the top of the image. "An Episode in the Haida Raven Myth" and "a silver engraving by Bill Reid" are printed below the image.