Lantern Slide

About this object


From the collection of the missionary Thomas Crosby, who worked in various places on the Northwest Coast of B.C. from 1863 to 1907.

Physical description

Hand painted glass lantern slide. Part a is glass slide covered with an image of two human figures in red skirts and sashes to the left of a full, grey moon. The leftmost figure leaps in the air, arms extended. The second figure is in front of the moon, facing left. The background of the image is black at top, brown at bottom. Part c is a second glass slide pointed at one end, with a black painted area in the lower centre. When matched with part a, the black part covers the leaping figure, leaving just the figure who appears to be 'carrying' the moon with a burden belt? Part b is a broken corner of part a. (No frame; irregularly shaped or broken glass.)