Interior House Post

About this object

History of use

The beams and figures stood as part of a house frame, and acted as structural supports. Figures represented on house frames were supernatural beings which the family living in the house had the right, through their history and origins, to represent.


Klix’ken Gukwdzi, or Sea-Lion House, was built sometime around 1906. Like other houses in the village it had a modern exterior with milled-lumber front and windows. Yet it also featured carved sea-lion posts supporting the boardwalk, and inside, a monumental post-and-beam structure with carved and painted house posts, beams, and other symbols of the family’s history. Klix’ken House was the last old-style dwelling erected in Xwatis as a home for an extended family or lineage—and probably one of the last built on the entire coast.

Cultural context


Iconographic meaning

Sea lion is recognized by a rounded snout, elongated body, and flippers.

Physical description

Two sea-lion house posts (parts g-h) in storage due to poor condition. Part of interior house frame (see A50009 a-c, d-f).