ḵa̱ngex̱tola (Button Blanket)

About this object


The blanket was bequethed to Hazel Moon in 1980 upon her grandmother Molly's death. It was used in potlatches by Molly in Kingcome and Alert Bay.

Iconographic meaning

The copper shapes on the blanket represent how big their family is, how high her dad was as chief in the potlatches. The 'T' shapes represent part of the copper that has been taken off.

Physical description

Button blanket in green wool with two pink fabric t-shapes outlined in buttons, flanking a copper with a smiling face made of buttons at the centre of the blanket. Blanket has.a pink cotton border along the sides and the top and buttons sewn around the border with coppers and triangular shapes. There is a white rectangular piece of pink and green paisley and floral print fabric at the top centre of the border.