Fall Land Scene

Physical description

Three brown caribou near the top middle, one of which is turning toward the left watching an animal go into a hole on the left side while the other two are in profile facing toward the right side where there is an archer outlined in pencil with orange trim on his clothing. Below the animal going into the hole, there is another animal going into another hole, a standing yellow animal, a standing bird, and another animal coming out a hole at the bottom. Near the middle, there is a dog in profile facing to the left side with a leg in its mouth. In the centre, there is a brown caribou ? with its back toward the viewer. Along the bottom, there are six people outlined in pencil with green, orange, and yellow trims on their clothing. The ground is multi-coloured. The background is bright yellow-orange. In pencil, in the upper left corner, there is syllabic. The drawing is on a horizontally rectangular, white paper piece.