gyảaGang (House Frontal Totem Pole)

About this object

History of use

Stood outside against the centre of the front wall of house.


The following people assisted with this expedition: Smyly, John; Atkins, Bernard; Reid, Bill; Duncan, Kelly; Jones, Roy; Jones, Clarence; Jones, Frank.

Cultural context


Iconographic meaning

Eagle and frog are crest figures belonging to the lineage of 'Those Born in the Southern Part of the Islands' of the Eagle moiety, Kunghit Haida.

Physical description

Top portion of a pole (part b), crescent shaped in cross section and carved in shallow and deep relief. At the top is a kneeling human/hawk transformation figure with beaked nose re-curved into mouth, raised forearms with five fingers folding over each palm and a human body. In the centre of the kneeling figure is a small squatting human wearing a two ringed potlatch hat. At the bottom is a raven with wings folded at its sides. The pole is unpainted.